At our core, GMS Pacific is a partner of the printing industry.

For over 40 years, we’ve been developing strong relationships with printers and label manufacturers to ensure they enjoy access to innovative new technology and great market-leading products.

Our reputation for quality, reliability and great service is testament to our enduring commitment to growing and improving our customers’ businesses.

We’re proud of both our achievements across the industry and our enduring support of our core principles. 

GMS Pacific: A brief history of printing and packaging solutions 

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The core values that drive us

Commitment to customer

The entire GMS Pacific team works tirelessly to ensure our customers are supported with the intelligent solutions they need for their label and packaging printers.

Success is achieved together 

Teamwork underpins everything we do. We believe achieving success is only possible as a team and the success of our customers is our ultimate goal.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation

Honesty and integrity are core to who we are and how we operate; all day, every day.

Determination to be the best

We’re passionate about improving our service and our products. By offering the latest and greatest in innovative solutions, you can rest assured that our team can help you too!

Ink runs through our veins

All of our staff come from the printing industry and while we’ve been in the business for over 40 years, our team’s cumulative experience is many times that number!

That’s why when we say we have ink in our veins, we mean it! Think decades of knowledge across products. Think customised intelligent solutions that work for you. Think of a partner with extensive market and industry experience.

Think GMS Pacific.
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