Over 40 years’ experience working at the heart of the industrial and commercial inkjet printing.

Domino’s Digital Printing Solutions division delivers highspeed, full-colour, digital printing presses for labels and corrugated packaging, as well as monochrome inkjet printing equipment for the variable data printing of codes, addresses, and personalisation for multiple different printing industry applications.

The Domino Group employs more than 3,000 people and operates in over 120 countries, with manufacturing facilities in the UK, US, China, Germany, India, Sweden, and Switzerland. Their global network of sales and service centres including 25 subsidiary offices, and more than 200 distributors, providing all regions with high-quality service.

Domino became an autonomous division within the Brother Group in 2015

Domino – Full Colour Digital Label Presses – N630i series

  • Based on Domino’s renowned Generation 6 technology with 1,000 global installations.  The N610i - 600dpi label press is the most proven inkjet solution for printing self-adhesive labels in the world today.

  • Domino’s intelligent Technology features including, i-Tech CleanCap, ActiFlow, StitchLink, WebRev and UltraMix combine to provide unparalleled reliability, automation and performance

  • Industry standard Digital Front Ends are supported with JDF/JMF for streamlined workflow.  Delivering you increased output and financial return with an N610i 600dpi press investment

  • Domino UV90 / UV95 inks provide excellent resistance to heat, cold, sunlight, chemical and saline attack as well as abrasion to maintain the highest quality through the life of the final product. T

  • High opacity white is often used as a replacement for screen printing.

  • Food packaging compliance - the UV95 is a non-CMR ink set suitable for many non-direct contact food packaging applications

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Domino – Full colour Digital Label Presses – N730i series

The N730i  1200dpi press delivers consistent exceptional print quality at the highest operating speeds

“Introducing Domino’s latest Generation-7 inkjet technology platform…  The seven colour N730i 1200dpi digital label press is equipped with the revolutionary Brother BITSTAR™ print head. The system is designed to deliver exceptional 1200dpi print quality at up to 70m/min with outstanding reliability for printing self-adhesive and shrink sleeve labels”.

  • The Brother BITSTAR™ print head delivers consistent ink density across the image. This means sharper edges and smoother gradients for exceptional print quality.

  • The N730i 1200dpi label press combined with Domino’s enhanced i-Tech intelligent technology delivers improved efficiency, function and reliability.  This includes the automated maintenance from i-Tech CleanCap2, consistent print density and registration from the new i-Tech SetAlign and optimum ink jetting reliability from i-Tech ActiFlow.

  • Domino’s new intuitive SunLight Graphical User Interface (GUI) is so easy to use and configure. Our SunLight-GUI is cloud-ready using industry standard Digital Front End with JDF/JMF for the most streamlined workflow.

  • Domino UV90 / UV95 inks provide excellent resistance to heat, cold, sunlight, chemical and saline attack as well as abrasion to maintain the highest quality through the life of the final product.

  • Highest Opacity Digital White - The N730i 1200dpi label press prints 76% opacity digital white images, a near rotary-screen alternative. Also, the capability to create digital textured effects provides labels with enhanced shelf appeal.

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Domino – X630i – Full colour Corrugated digital presses series

The X630i digital corrugated press enables you to profitably develop short and medium run market opportunities.  The new business model for corrugated box printing. 

  • The Domino X630i is a single-pass digital press that prints up to 75m/m  or 4,500 sheets per hour at 900x1500mm.

  • Printing 600x600dpi print resolution and a maximum sheet size of 1,600 x 3,000mm (max. image size of 1,345x3,000mm). 

  • Includes a servo-controlled leading-edge bottom feeder for continuous feed operation, cleaning, inspection, unique vacuum sheet transport, drying with either bundler and stacking output options.

  • The X630i is based on Domino’s proven Generation-6 inkjet platform, (1,000 industrial installations).

  • The X630i includes Domino’s unique  intelligent Technology or i-Tech components, combining to create a more flexible and reliable printing experience:

    • i-Tech CleanCap is an automated inkjet cleaning and capping solution for reduced maintenance.

    • i-Tech ActiFlow provides continuous ink recirculation, for more consistent print results.

    • i-Tech StitchLink achieves precise print head alignment to deliver the highest quality print results.

  • The most versatile Domino AQ95 aqueous ink, includes i-Tech PolyM with unique polymeric particles, combines the ability to reliably print on to coated and uncoated corrugated stock, but without the need of a primer or separate bonding agent, while at the same time, still providing food packaging compliance.

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Domino - Monochrome – K600i series

K600i delivers excellent productivity and superb print quality for variable data printing

  • Printing on a wide range of substrates, the Domino K600i digital inkjet printer combines variable data printing and productivity with 600dpi print quality.

  • The K600i can be configured to the print width required, and integrated into existing web or sheet handling system for digital imprinting.

  • Print high quality digital variable data, alpha-numeric text, a range of barcodes and 2D codes including the QR code as well as graphics, up to speeds of 200m/min.

  • Additional options include

    • high opacity white ink - a cost-effective alternative to screen printing, suitable for a wide range of labels and packaging applications, (a high speed digital “screen White” solution)

    • spot varnishing. When used with the new UV67CL ink, it can print a high laydown digital spot varnish.

  • Print widths range from a single print module, producing an image area of 108mm to up 782mm.

  • Applications for the K600i include printing variable 2D codes, barcodes and numbering sequences onto labels, mail pieces, tags, tickets, forms and security products.

Domino - Monochrome – K630i series

The low cost printing solution for high volume monochrome output at unbeatable speeds

  • The most impressive features of the unique single engine duplex K630i are speed and consistency - produce over 20 million pages a month.

  • Delivers the t highest quality at the lowest cost per page in the transactional and direct mail market

  • Easy to operate and maintain, with few consumables, the Total Cost of Ownership is greatly reduced.

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