Kongsberg digital cutting tables are the result of over 50 years of technical expertise and innovation.  Kongsberg – Simply a cut above the rest

Kongsberg – C Table Range

It is the very first multi-function super-wide digital finisher for signage, display and packaging applications

  • The Kongsberg C can handle material dimensions up to 3210mm wide by 3200mm long

  • The fastest Production output and the most consistent precision in cutting and routing (compared to any other system of the same size) is achieved thanks to Kongsberg’s carbon composite traverse innovations.

  • Kongsberg C rack and pinion drive system has the strength and power to process even the most rugged materials at high-production speeds without sacrificing finishing quality

  • The Kongsberg C offers the highest versatility for all sign, display and packaging applications. Working with just about any substrate, from thin flexibles, to foam, to fluted materials, to rigid boards.

  • The i-cut Production Console is a new, easier to use front-end to operate and manage the Kongsberg digital finishing systems.

  • Utilising Kongsberg’s unique 3kW milling unit the Kongsberg C tables can be configured for milling ranging from occasional light-duty routing to continuous heavy-duty materials – all with record breaking productivity.

  • The Heavy Duty Tool Unit offers 500N (50kg) of down force, sufficient to crease even the most challenging materials at large diameter creasing dimensions (150mm).

  • The Kongsberg C is a rock solid machine capable of non-stop automated production

  • Automation options make this the most productive table available today

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Kongsberg – X Table Range

Kongsberg X Series providing the Ultimate flexibility. 

  • The Kongsberg X cutting table offers versatility for a wide range of cutting applications, whether your focus is 2D or 3D, packaging, samples, signs or displays

  • Cut the widest range of materials – corrugated, folding carton, solid board, flexo printing plates, foam, coating blankets, wood and a long list of plastics.

  • Steel construction utilising aerospace technology, the Kongsberg X is a rock-solid tabletop construction that will never warp, even after decades of heavy use

  • Exchanging tools on a Kongsberg X is fast, simple and error proof.  “Just insert a tool and hit Start” ... Every tool is identified by a unique bar code with tool parameters stored in memory, preventing any operator errors.

  • Boost the performance of your Kongsberg tables with hardware automation options.  Whether its rigid sheet automation or handling of flexible materials

  • Invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence than you will be able to upgrade as your business grows.  Add new tools for new materials, new applications, even higher capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments:

    • MultiCUT-HS

    • MultiCUT-HP

    • FlexiHead

    • PowerHead

    • FoamHead

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Kongsberg – Tools & Consumables

  • Kongsberg precision tools, bits & Blades can cover any finishing requirement

  • Peace of mind knowing your warranty is secure

  • Consistent quality, Save time and increase production with less change over of inferior alternatives..

  • Solutions for markets - Corrugated packaging, Signage & Displays, Labels & decals, Sample making, Protective packaging, more.

  • Materials solutions – Cardboard, Corrugated, carton board, paper, Rigid board, all Flexible materials, Foam & foam core board, Aluminium & ACM, Wood & wood based materials, Rubber, Flexographic plates, more.

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Kongsberg – Automation

Sheet Feeder & Stacker For Kongsberg Tables

  • The Perfect way to Increase Productivity with Kongsberg’s easy to use, pallet-to-pallet automation solution.

  • The optional underside camera scans the sheet from the print side and automatically locates the registration marks / barcodes / the corner of the sheet – saving between 20-30 minutes per set up!

  • Eliminating operator intervention and manual material loading bottlenecks, results in greater efficiency and even unattended operation!

  • Kongsberg Feeder & Stacker can handle all typical packaging and display materials with a maximum sheet sizes of up to 3200x1600 mm

Motorized Roll Feeder For C64

  • Say goodbye to expensive reprints due to inaccurately cut materials

  • Consistent wrinkle-free and straight feed

  • Always in perfect registration with the print

  • Capable of handling heavy rolls up to 300 kg.

Take Up Unit For Flexible Materials

  • The Kongsberg Take Up Unit makes roll to roll workflows easier.  The unit makes finishing digitally printed rolls, and collecting waste, very straightforward.

  • The Take Up Unit is simple to install for any Kongsberg table equipped with a conveyor feed system.

  • Hassle-free operation and easily moved away when not in use.

Robotic Material Handler - Reduce Operator Time With Unattended Production

  • The Robotic Material Handler is the ultimate, most advanced sheet handling solution for digital finishing companies in the sign, display, folding carton and corrugated markets

  • Ask us about how it gives you the ultimate edge.

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