William Kenyon has been the global market leader of carrier rope technology since tail threading systems were introduced to the paper industry, setting the highest standards for abrasion resistance, durability and stability in length.

Kenbraid Premier & Kenyon Pi-3 Carrier Rope Products

  • Kenbraid Premier is a high temperature, quality impregnated filament nylon rope.  Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's paper and board makers.

  • Full range of designs, diameters and colours to meet the most challenging machine conditions.

  • William Kenyon ropes minimise threading-related downtime through outstanding performance, delivering excellent tail handling, abrasion resistance and durability.

  • Improved impregnation from our proprietary methods, gives greater protection to the rope fibres and an excellent surface for gripping the paper tail.

  • The braided construction resists flattening under normal operating tension, further enhancing its threading efficiency and ease of splicing.

  • Kenbraid Premier carrier ropes & also Kenyon PI 3 Strand carrier ropes

William Kenyon – Rope Threading Equipment

Series 50 Pulleys

  • Cast iron pulley with two single row bearings and a stationary grease fitting for best machine speeds.

  • Dynamically balanced at a minimum of 1980 mpm.

  • Available bore sizes from 30mm - 50mm. Imperial sizes are available on request.

  • Standard colours include Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.

  • Contact Sealed bearings, fully coated and stainless steel pulleys for wet press, size press and coater applications available upon request.

Series 33 Pulleys

  • Designed with a cartridge bearing for lower machine speeds.

  • Dynamically balanced at a minimum of 1980 mpm.

  • Available bore sizes of 1 ¼ inches and 35mm.

  • Standard colors include Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.

  • Fully coated and stainless steel pulley configurations for wet press, size press and coater applications available upon request

Mounting Hardware

William Kenyon supplies a full array of mounting hardware to position and angle sheaves into virtually any orientation. Combinations of Mounting Blocks, Shafts and T-Arms allow for infinite, three-axis sheave adjustment to ensure proper alignment and prolonged rope life. Stock sizes range from diameters of 35mm to 50mm and in a variety of lengths. Stainless Steel components are available upon request for wet press, size press and coater applications.


Each one of our tensioners is designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Whether a horizontal or vertical unit, we can supply a tensioner even where machine space is limited.

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