C.U.E., Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of urethane products for the corrugated paper industry.

All C.U.E. products feature proprietary urethane formulations and strict, ISO-9001-certified processing controls to create products specifically designed for the demanding applications of the Corrugated Industry.

C.U.E EZ Lock ® Anvil covers

EZ Lock Anvil Covers are high-quality, meshed-backed covers and feature a jigsaw-style locking mechanism.

·       Safe & Easy to Use - Reduced weight & operator-friendly design means the EZ Lock is easy to install, rotate and use with Boltless installation

·       Improved Cut and Score Quality:  The EZ Lock covers feature a proprietary backing – DuraCore TM - that helps the cover maintain its fit even under the toughest die cutting conditions. 

·       Excellent cutting and scoring performance:  The extra-reinforced keyway area helps to eliminate the soft spot that can occur while cutting over the keyway with other designs.

·       Maximum Anvil Cover Life:  EZ Lock design advantages combine with C.U.E.'s proprietary urethane formulation to maximize the longevity of the covers. Fast, simple cover rotations can be performed more frequently, further adding to the covers' life.

·       Available in standard width, dual width, and custom width.

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