Rotec® sleeves and adapters have been in use around the world since 1990.  With outstanding innovations and a continuous improvement process of sleeve technology, cost efficiency, service and ecological responsibility, rotec® sleeves and adapters have become the number one in terms of effectiveness, reliability and convenience in daily practice

Rotec® Sleeves

  • Superior service life and outstanding durability

  • Consistent and long-lasting mounting and clamping characteristics

  • Superior dimensional stability, with additional glass-fibre barrier layers to prevent growth.

  • Reduced weight and easier mounting properties make it easier for the operator

  • New easy-mount technology, makes mounting easier for the press operator

  • Special bounce reduction properties means they are ideal for high-speed applications.

  • rotec® sleeves can provides complete conductivity from the base sleeve through to the surface.

  • Multiple rotec® Sleeves products to cover all your needs

    • rotec® Blue Light Sleeve

    • rotec® Smart Premium Sleeve

    • rotec® Smart Sleeve

    • rotec® Lightweight Premium Sleeve

    • rotec® Compressible Sleeve

    • rotec® Offset Sleeve

    • rotec® Base Sleeve

    • rotec® Cover Sleeve

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