THERMOFLEXX – CATENA Plate wash-out systems for Flexo Plates

Semi-automatic and fully automatic Wash-out unit for flexo plates

  • Individually Controlled Dryer Sections.  Independent heaters, sensor control and ventilation for all dryer sections. This ensures exact temperature and timings for all plates.

  • Precision Light Finishing.  UVA and UVC lamps are monitored and controlled to ensure ultimate consistency from plate to plate.  A record of lamp performance can be available for every plate for ultimate QC tracking

  • Full In-line Automation. The Catena-E 80, combined with the Rover plate moving system and bridge provide fully automatic imaging and exposure.  After removing the cover sheet, no plate handling is necessary until the exposed plate is available for wash-out.  Labour and plate waste (damage) are saved by avoiding operator intervention through the most sensitive stages of the flexo plate making process.

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