High Quality, Modular imaging solutions for Flexo & Letterpress Plates

Whether you need tags, labels, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated packaging, ThermoFlexX imagers can do it all.  They offer the required combination of size and productivity for any narrow, mid, or wide web application.  All standard configurations are clear and straight-forward with no surprises of “extra” options!

  • Highest Resolution choices for your printing requirements from 2400 dpi up to 5080 dpi.  Pushing the industry standards to the highest levels.  Even multiple resolution levels at the same time!

  • Unique Vacuum Slider concept.  Simple clamp the plate and slide the vacuum setting into position.  No more special taping, or cutting plates to fit vacuum zones. Allow for Cut-off scraps to be utilised

  • Heavy Duty construction delivers consistent superior quality imaging.

  • Multiple size options to best fit your needs – from 635x508mm (25x20”) to 1270x2032mm (50x80”)

  • Smooth Integration with pre-press front ends and all major plate processing equipment

  • Unmatched productivity – imaging up to 12 Sq.M per hour

  • Processing Solutions are available as well

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