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TORELIEF™ - Photosensitive letterpress plates & Dry-Offset plates letterpress plates & Dry-Offset plates

  • Torelief - the world-leading photosensitive letterpress and Dry-Offset plates.

  • TORELIEF™ is widely used in more than 40 countries and has the highest market share in the world. 

  • A wide variety of thickness and hardness to meet various demands.  

Key advantages:

  • Excellent image reproduction assures constant highest quality printing.

  • The Matte finish of Torelief provides excellent contact with negative film, eliminating air bubbles in exposure process.

  • Easy and fast plate-making process, with its quick exposure and quick washout properties.

  • All TORELIEF plates are made of environmentally friendly ingredients and require no chemicals in processing.

  • TORELIEF plates (especially soft and flexible BS, SS & U plates) have superior ink receptivity which stands out among the competition and makes them ideal for business form and varnishing applications.

  • Due to tough & abrasion resistant polymer being used, TORELIEF achieve an extra-long printing life

Applications - Toray plates, cover

  • Digital or Analogue solutions

  • UV Letterpress Printing

  • Dry-offset printing

  • Beverage cans and tubes (in the round)

  • Business forms

  • Pad Printing

  • UV Varnishing

  • Embossing / Debossing

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