• 21 Standard dyne levels (30 - 70 dynes/cm), all formulated from 100% reagent grade materials

  • Specifically designed for fast, accurate on-line use by printers, coaters, and laminators — also ideal for process control or field use by suppliers of film, sheet, coated board, inks, coatings, and adhesives

  • Spring loaded tip meters fluid feed and guards against contamination

  • Reliable enough for many R & D and lab applications

  • Hundreds of reliable tests from each marker

  • Usable on virtually all smooth non-absorptive substrates

  • A Certificate of Formulation is provided with every order

  • Six month shelf life

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IMPORTANT NOTE - Sadly some "Magic Marker / Sharpie" style nibs used in other Dyne pens, serve as perfect conduits for contamination of almost any kind (machine oils, airborne lubricants, plasticizers, slip additives, etc.).  The very wicking qualities which facilitate their use, make them self-contaminating as the contaminate can be sucked back up into the pen…  This interaction between the instrument and the substrate essentially eliminates these “magic marker” / wicking style pens as serious dyne testing tools.

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