E+L SmartScan

SMARTSCAN is the first 200% inspection system for the label industry. With its unique, proprietary image acquisition process it offers new advantages for quality assurance and reduction of waste. And it offers excellent value for money. 

Higher Quality And Productivity Due To 200% Inspection

  • The first 200% inspection system worldwide for the label industry

  • Ready for inspection after you’ve pressed one button only

  • Web monitoring, inspection and label counting combined

  • Intelligent defect classification

    • Print defects

    • Missing labels

    • Unremoved matrix

    • Splices

    • Flags

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E+L Web Monitoring

Sophisticated image processing, combined with two high-resolution cameras – this is what the ELSCAN web monitoring systems offer. They allow the display of printed images on moving webs with the greatest detail and color fidelity. The cameras can be moved manually or by a motor to adopt positions with the highest precision and display the corresponding images on the monitor.

Higher quality and productivity with web monitoring

  • Register Inspection

  • Print quality inspection

  • Colour accuracy monitoring

  • Hot foil/Cold Foil inspection

  • Hologram Inspection

  • Die cutting position monitoring

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