Corrugator Belts - Conveyor and functional belts for all corrugators

As a market leader in technology for corrugator belts and fluidising fabrics, Muhlen Sohn stands for best quality innovative products.  Specifically developed for use in the heat and traction sections of corrugated plants.  They flawlessly transport corrugated board and optimize drying 

  • Muhlen Sohn corrugator belts have been specially developed for use in double facers in corrugating systems.

  • Patented technology allows the belts to withstand stresses from temperature, contact pressure, friction, tensile stress and moisture.  Allowing smooth transport and best possible drying of the corrugated board.

  • Consistency and reliability in production.   The multiple layers of rip, heat and abrasion-resistant fibres give the belts an excellent movement and transport characteristic

  • The patented multi-layer weaving combined with highly hygroscopic yarns guarantee optimal moisture management and even bonding, at high production speeds.

  • Thanks to the dense, patented weaving structure, the roller pressure is distributed over the entire area

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