• The eco-friendly digital computer to film (CTF) solution generating HD quality films

  • Supporting the Flexo, Letterpress & Screen industries (Pos & Neg)

  • Combine Star Plate with Smart Screen technology, and Star Plate delivers an inkjet to film solution unrivalled for speed, quality and ROI.

  • Chemistry free.  Films are produced in daylight conditions without any post processing.  Save production steps AND eliminate the chemistry, water waste and disposal costs.

STAR PLATE - Computer to Film (CTF) Imaging devices and Star Plate RIP

A true Imagesetter replacement solution.

  • Latest generation print-heads, fine-tuned to deliver optimum registration and fit between separations. 

  • Star Plate CTF imaging Units delivers films with a Dmax in excess of 4.2, superior vacuum contact, scratch-resistance, water-resistance and repeat use.

  • A genuine replacement for ageing image setting devices. 


  • 610mm (24”) or 1118mm (44”) size solutions

  • Output max resolution: 2880 dpi / Screening up to 200 LPI

  • No Processor or Chemicals required

Star Plate Rip Categories:

  • Star Plate LW - Linework only version with no screening - Suitable for Screen, foil producers, basic labels

  • Star Plate Lite - Linework + Screening up to 80LPI -Suitable for Corrugated

  • tar Plate Full - Linework + Screening up to 200LPI - Suitable for High quality Labels & Flexibles

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Smart Screen

This award winning innovation has been specifically developed to:

  • Produce visually superior tonal ranges, particularly in highlight areas.

  • Require minimal changes in Prepress or Print room - either in process or hardware changes.

  • Make jobs simpler to prepare and simpler to print

STAR PLATE CONSUMABLES – High Density Films & Proprietary Inks

High Density Films

  • High density films, perfect for Flexo or Letterpress platemaking or for Silk Screen exposure.

  • A high gauge nano-porous film specially developed for easy handling and storage

  • Achieves a D.Max of between 4.5 and 5.5.

  • 175 gsm, Matte polyester Film, with Scratch resistant coating

  • Anti-Static

Proprietary INKS

  • Proprietary HD Scratch resistant Inks specifically developed for Star Plate HD Film Printing

  • Engineered water-based inkjet inks.  Delivers even and consistent coverage, including fine text, lines and halftone dots. 

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