TRU POINT - Plastic Doctor Blades

The TruPoint Doctor Blade Advantage

Printers in facilities all around the world are switching to TruPoint plastic doctor blades for the quality, safety and innovation of the blade products

TruPoint plastic doctor blades outclasses traditional steel…

  • Consistently metering the high line screen anilox rolls required by Narrow Web Printing

  • Eliminate anilox roll scoring & premature wear

  • Achieving longer runs and extending doctor blade life

  • Improve safety in your facility

  • Reduce UV ink spitting!”

Flexo Concepts Markets

  • Wide Web Flexo

  • Coating & Laminating

  • Narrow Web

  • Corrugated

  • Specialty applications

“Narrow Web Printers all around the world are increasingly removing steel doctor blades and turning to Flexo Concepts for the innovation, safety and quality of TruPoint doctor blades.  There is finally a plastic doctor blade capable of metering the needs of narrow web printers.”

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