Friese holds the highest global reputation for quality & reliability as the specialist manufacturer of corrugating rolls. 

Friese – Corrugation Rollers

  • Friese corrugation rollers are tailor made, designed for your specific machinery & manufacturing requirements.  Achieving:

    • The Highest lifespan and highest production speeds

    • oBetter run-ability lowering your production costs and waste

    • The best board quality and board strength

  • Friese technical developments have led the industry for decades.  Innovations including

ROCKPROFILE – The best choice for the long term…

The special shape of our ROCKPROFILE corrugation rolls achieves:

  • Highest board quality over the whole lifetime due to the minimisation of the tension factor.

  • Less fluting paper consumption due to reduction of the take up factor

  • Increase of board strength by up to 10%, especially on coarse flute 

ROCKWELLE – Friese’s Unique Tungsten Carbide coatings. 

Friese are the industry pioneers of Tungsten Carbide coating.  Specialist coating knowledge and experience means Friese can guarantee their ROCKWELLE® optimal coating and profile stability and hardness, providing key advantages to corrugators:

  • extremely long roller lifespan, lifetime increases by up to 200 %

  • stable profile geometry

  • optimised paper clearance, high production speed

  • reduction of roll cost by 30 %

  • reduction of cost per linear meter by 75 %

  • run paper widths between 50 and 100 % of the working width, without any restriction, due to the coating.

CCS Thermogrooves - More heat for your production!

With Friese patented CCS / Thermogroove technology, condensate is sucked out before it can hinder heat transfer, resulting in a higher surface temperature.  Additionally the rolls are dimensionally stable after a stop, so that no distortion occurs anymore.  This leads to following production advantages:

  • higher production speed due to the better heat transfer and a better bonding of the board.

  • 2-5 % less paper consumption because there is no waste after stops, no distortion of rolls any more.

  • No maintenance… Because the whole system needs no adjustment and no service

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