LASER POINT CDI Laser Ablative Film

Eliminating the conventional image setter from your plate making process. 

LaserPoint II is a patented laser abatable film used with infra-red laser Flexo CTP devices with a vacuum system.  LaserPoint II has a solvent resistant, black, IR - UV absorbing coating on an optically clear polyester base.

  • Processed directly on a CTP device, eliminating the need for a conventional film imagesetter.

  • Streamlining the production of flexographic and letterpress photopolymer plates.

  • No chemicals required

  • No Darkroom or “safe-lighting” rooms required

  • Resistant to Solvent

  • Compatible with most Flexo CTP devices

  • Quality of image equal to best traditional film

  • Film is more robust and scratch resistant than traditional film

  • Available in 7 mil and widths of up to 1800mm

  • Matte finish for strong vacuum adhesion while processing

  • Matt finish can be removed (by metho) as well if necessary for end-use

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