TESA® Softprint Mounting Tapes

  • tesa® Softprint is a double-sided foam plate mounting tape with a range of thickness and hardness. 

  • tesa® Softprint tapes are equipped with our high-performance adhesives. The adhesive offers a high repulsion and solvent resistance and a low tack for easy plate repositioning and trouble-free plate demounting.

  • The structured liner of tesa® Softprint creates micro channels within the adhesive that help air to escape during mounting and printing. The improved product surface allows for a smooth manual application.

  • All foam cells within the tape are intact for better cushioning and resilience over time. 

  • Wide range in 15 & 20 mil thicknesses for mounting of 1.14 mm (0.045”) and 1.70 mm (0.067”) flexographic printing plates

Main features

  • Improved product surface for smooth manual application

  • Structured PET liner to help air escape during mounting and printing

  • Best plate bonding to prevent plate lifting

  • Easy plate repositioning and demounting

  • Excellent tape bonding towards sleeve

  • Low thickness tolerance

  • High solvent resistance

Introducing tesa® New Bubble-Free Technology

Our most advanced generation of tesa® Softprint is here to redefine plate mounting needs. The performance is based on its long-standing printing properties, combined with outstanding mounting properties. These are achieved through high quality components combined with a new and unique structured liner design. The structured ‘snake skin’ liner has been engineered to dissipate and disperse air entrapment.

The end result: No bubbles and happy printers

  • Unique 'Snake Skin' liner structure helps air to escape during mounting and printing. 

  • FE-X adhesive prevents plate lifting while allowing easy plate repositioning and demounting. 

  • Improved product surface ensures smooth manual tape mounting process

  • High quality components deliver consistent and excellent print results

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